A New Beginning Starts Here

The center of what we do at Emmanuel House is our Transitional/Permanent Housing, Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery, Job Placement and Career Programming and Case Management programs.

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The Heart of Emmanuel House

The Purple Heart is the oldest military award that is given to members of the military who have been wounded in any action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of any such enemy or opposing armed forces. Emmanuel House understands that sometimes our warriors come back home with other types of wounds. These wounds may be long term physical health-related issues, mental, emotional or even psychological trauma stemming from their time of service to our country. Emmanuel House tends to wounds, and their associated implications by evaluation, then treatment and ongoing active engagement through our local and nationally recognized programs. At Emmanuel House, we have a heart to serve our veterans.

Housing Program

In 2011, Emmanuel House was awarded a one hundred bed, Transitional Housing grant, to provide housing for homeless Veterans. Funded through the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) this funding was designed to assist with the President’s call to “End Homelessness for Veterans by 2015”.  The primary function of the funding is to promote the development and provision of housing and/or supportive services with the goal of helping homeless Veterans achieve residential stability, increase their skill levels and/or income, and obtain greater self-determination.

This program titled, the Grant and Per Diem Program (GPD),  includes Transitional Housing (up to 24 months) and additional services such as: Case Management, substance dependency counseling and therapy, NA/AA Meetings, Life Skills, Parenting  and budgeting classes, educational opportunities, Crisis and Suicide Prevention and Intervention and services targeted towards specialized Veteran populations. All of these services operate in conjunction with our local VA Medical Center.  This unique partnership, ensures Veterans are serviced in a wraparound format to meet their physical, mental, educational and financial needs.

Our GPD program is designed to keep our Veterans connected to the VA while managing programs which transition the Veteran from homelessness into permanent housing. This program aims to reduce risk factors and increase protective measures for the male and female homeless Veterans as they begin to re-establish themselves into the community. We have access to a continuum of services that includes housing shelter (residential); substance abuse treatment; mental health counseling; peer mentorship and coaching; job readiness and employment services; financial management; family strengthening and reunification; and faith-based support.

Our GPD goals are to provide:

An opportunity for homeless Veterans, to participate in steps toward employment, resume writing, building interview skills and securing temporary address for employment purposes; we also provide transportation to and from job fairs and job interviews.

A self - help environment which encourages the individual to develop self-reliance in order to increase the probability of long term growth permanent housing and sobriety.

A safe and drug free residential environment of semi-independent living accommodations (apartment units) which assist in the initial development of independent living skills.

Economic management training services through available professional service providers and community resources.

Structured interactions for the entire family, which encourages the strengthening of the family though therapeutic and recreational activities.

Opportunities for spiritual growth and awareness through partnerships with local churches to include the Emmanuel House Church.

add this to the side: Who are we?

Emmanuel House (E-House) is a faith based, nonprofit, organization located in the City of Detroit. Incorporated in 1997, by Reverend Timothy Thompson, two days after eulogizing his brother whose death was caused by his drug participation (selling and using). E-House is governed by a seven member Board of Directors and had an operating budget of $1.5 Million dollars for FY 2014.  We are funded primary through federal and local funding resources.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Emmanuel House to assist any person needing housing or substance abuse related assistance regardless of their income, religion, race or sex.  We strive to help individuals start a new beginning in life by providing an opportunity for them to become free from all forms of substance abuse and or lack of housing.

Client Description

92% Veterans/Homeless

83% Men

17% Women

8% Non—Veteran

74% African American

21% White/Caucasian

5% Other

87 % Substance Abuse/Dependency

64% Mental Health Diagnosis

77% Dual Diagnosed

51% PTSD Diagnosed

34% War-Time Experience

19% Military Sexual Trauma Diagnosed

39% No Income at admission

91% Low Income

88% Take Daily Medication

69% have a major medical diagnosis

(Cancer/heart disease, high blood pressure)

54 is the Average Age of Client

Substance Abuse Assistance/Recovery

The Recovery Program is a sixty day (60) residential recovery/detox program designed to provide a structured, supportive setting for clients with a mental health/substance dependency diagnosis. The framework for the Recovery Program is “Psycho-educational”. This intervention format begins with a set of rules and restrictions which are provided to insure each client’s primary focus is on recovery and to minimize outside distractions that can interfere with the recovery process. We believe that the disease of addiction is to be treated as a chronic, long term, incurable ailment as the current intervention approach emphasizes; and this change in perspective has been found to result in less recidivism due to relapse. Detox, isolation, stabilization and intervention in the form of a 12-step program, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapies with different variations along with behavior modification, are the evidence based tools that are utilized to begin affecting change in the residents in the recovery program.

Substance Abuse Assistance – Each client will be assessed for substance dependency issues. Clients will be referred to appropriate programming to address substance abuse issues. Clients will be able to participate in support groups for substance abuse and underlying mental health issues that cause them. Emmanuel House has realized that substance abuse issues act as a barrier to housing. By addressing substance abuse issues, clients can refocus their energy to finding and maintaining housing.




Case Management

Housing Assistance – Each client will work with a Case Manager to assist with finding stable and affordable housing. Clients will be connected with community based resources for utility, security deposit, and rental assistance.


                          • Obtaining Birth Certificates, Identification Cards, Social Security cards, etc.
                          • Accessing and obtaining military entitlement benefits and services
                          • Assistance in obtaining a Drivers License or State Identification Card
                          • Legal assistance to ensure there are no warrants and child support issues
                          • Referrals for additional community programs and support
                          • To ensure individuals have the skills, knowledge and resources to avoid the return to a homeless situation

Mental Health Services

Each client will be assessed for mental health issues.   Clients will be referred to appropriate mental health professionals for further assessments, diagnoses, and treatment. Clients will be able to participate in support groups for mental health issues. Clients will participate in monthly sessions with on-staff Psychologist for therapy. The psychologist will work with the client’s mental health provider to assist with treatment. Clients who are prescribed medication will be monitored for compliance by nursing staff. Psychologist will assess effectiveness of medication and determine if medication is therapeutic. 

Emmanuel House acknowledges and understands that a great deal of our population will have a co-occurring disorder and each of these disorders needs to be addressed in order for effective intervention. In addition to the substance dependency programming, we offer mental health interventions for clients who have been identified as having a severe mental health diagnosis including, but not limited to schizophrenia, bi polar, major depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other identified mental health categories.

All Clinical Services are supervised by a Licensed Ph.D. and a Masters level Social Worker. The psychologist supervises and provides services including:

      • Conducting initial client assessment (within 24 hours of In-Take)
      • Neuro-Psychology
      • Psych Pharmacology
      • Individual and Group Didactics
      • Psychiatric liaison to outside agencies
      • Clinical supervision
      • Facilitating weekly group sessions
      • Providing individual counseling
      • Identifying barriers to needed treatment services or available community resources