Housing Program

This program titled, the Grant and Per Diem Program (GPD),  includes Transitional Housing (up to 24 months) and additional services such as: Case Management, substance dependency counseling and therapy, NA/AA Meetings, Life Skills, Parenting  and budgeting classes, educational opportunities, Crisis and Suicide Prevention and Intervention and services targeted towards specialized Veteran populations. All of these services operate in conjunction with our local VA Medical Center.  This unique partnership, ensures Veterans are serviced in a wraparound format to meet their physical, mental, educational and financial needs.

Our GPD program is designed to keep our Veterans connected to the VA while managing programs which transition the Veteran from homelessness into permanent housing. This program aims to reduce risk factors and increase protective measures for the male and female homeless Veterans as they begin to re-establish themselves into the community. We have access to a continuum of services that includes housing shelter (residential); substance abuse treatment; mental health counseling; peer mentorship and coaching; job readiness and employment services; financial management; family strengthening and reunification; and faith-based support. 

Our GPD goals are to provide:An opportunity for homeless Veterans, to participate in steps toward employment, resume writing, building interview skills and securing temporary address for employment purposes; we also provide transportation to and from job fairs and job interviews.

  • A self - help environment which encourages the individual to develop self-reliance in order to increase the probability of long term growth permanent housing and sobriety.
  • A safe and drug free residential environment of semi-independent living accommodations (apartment units) which assist in the initial development of independent living skills.
  • Economic management training services through available professional service providers and community resources. 
  • Structured interactions for the entire family, which encourages the strengthening of the family though therapeutic and recreational activities. 
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth and awareness through partnerships with local churches to include the Emmanuel House Church.


Who are we?
Emmanuel House (E-House) is a faith based, nonprofit, organization located in the City of Detroit. Incorporated by Reverend Timothy Thompson, two days after eulogizing his brother whose death was caused by his drug participation (selling and using). E-House is governed by a seven member Board of Directors.  We are funded primary through federal and local funding resources. 

Mission Statement It is the mission of Emmanuel House to assist any person needing housing or substance abuse related assistance regardless of their income, religion, race or sex.  We strive to help individuals start a new beginning in life by providing an opportunity for them to become free from all forms of substance abuse and or lack of housing. 

Client Description

  • 100% Veterans/Homeless
  • 100% Men
  • 87 % Substance Abuse/Dependency
  • 64% Mental Health Diagnosis
  • 77% Dual Diagnosed
  • 51% PTSD Diagnosed
  • 34% War-Time Experience
  • 19% Military Sexual Trauma Diagnosed
  • 91% Low Income 
  • 88% Take Daily Medication
  • 69% have a major medical diagnosis (Cancer/heart disease, high blood pressure)