Substance Abuse Assistance/Recovery

The Recovery Program is a sixty day (60) residential recovery/detox program designed to provide a structured, supportive setting for clients with a mental health/substance dependency diagnosis. The framework for the Recovery Program is “Psycho-educational”. This intervention format begins with a set of rules and restrictions which are provided to insure each client’s primary focus is on recovery and to minimize outside distractions that can interfere with the recovery process. We believe that the disease of addiction is to be treated as a chronic, long term, incurable ailment as the current intervention approach emphasizes; and this change in perspective has been found to result in less recidivism due to relapse. Detox, isolation, stabilization and intervention in the form of a 12-step program, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapies with different variations along with behavior modification, are the evidence based tools that are utilized to begin affecting change in the residents in the recovery program.


Substance Abuse Assistance – Each client will be assessed for substance dependency issues. Clients will be referred to appropriate programming to address substance abuse issues. Clients will be able to participate in support groups for substance abuse and underlying mental health issues that cause them. Emmanuel House has realized that substance abuse issues act as a barrier to housing. By addressing substance abuse issues, clients can refocus their energy to finding and maintaining housing.